Becky B Koop, PhD, women’s fiction writer and memoirist, received top honors in the 2016 Erma Bombeck Writing Competition, Local Human Interest, for her essay Revealing Ink. The competition, held in conjunction with the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, attracted  563 entries from 8 countries.

Becky’s essay on helicoptering herself during the workshop, Whim to Revelation, appears at, and her winning essay, Revealing Ink, appears in print at the University of Dayton Magazine, Summer 2016.

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She is currently polishing a lighthearted memoir about adding the title mother-in-law to her adult journey, and working through early drafts of a multi-generational novel.  and @CopterDetox

In her second decade of recovery since discovering a tendency spin like a whirling dervish, hovering over her children, Becky still feels the tug. Writing as BeckyB, a former helicopter parent, she explores the middle ground between over parenting and under parenting, sharing her own experiences and those of helicopter parents who choose to remain anonymous. Searching the boundaries in each situation, she offers confessions of overstep, empathy for motivation, and absolution for those willing to admit their own addiction to hovering.


Becky adapted a version of the AA 12-step program for helicopter parents. “I thought I wasn’t a helicopter parent, but I admit that I sometimes feel powerless over my urge to help my children, my in-law children and my grandchildren.”  Join her in recovery.

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Recovering helicopter parent.