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Twice recognized in the winners’ circle of the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition,  Becky B Koop is currently writing freelance and polishing a memoir about becoming an in-law.

  • 2020, Erma Bombeck Writing Competition, Local Human Interest, “Creating Space,” shares her father-in-law’s enduring, gracious response to her ineptitude.
  • 2016, Erma Bombeck Writing Competition, Local Human Interest, “Revealing Ink, explored an encounter that helped her release biases and preconceived judgments. Becky talked about extending the boundaries of her insecurities during that year’s Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop, “Whim to Revelation at HumorsWriter.org. Her winning essay, “Revealing Ink,” also appears in print at the University of Dayton Magazine.

Becky was privileged to spend part of the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown writing for the Facing Gun Violence project, a collaborative effort to spur community healing in the wake of a tragic mass shooting in Dayton’s Oregon District neighborhood. The Dayton International Peace Museum, the City of Dayton, local universities, arts organizations, independent writers, artists, non-profits, businesses and The Facing Project worked collaboratively in an effort to create peace and understanding through story. True stories of gun violence were compiled in the book Facing Gun Violence: It’s Always Close to Home for Someone (2020). Becky was honored to write a chapter telling Faheem Curtis-Khidr’s story, titled “Not My Story.”


Becky shares some of her life stories on stage at Story Slam Dayton. She’s won many monthly slams, qualified to the Dayton Grand Slam stage four consecutive years (2018-2021), and won Dayton’s Grand Slam. (Join Becky at Dayton’s StorySlam)

A self-diagnosed introvert, Becky enjoys the process of adapting her written stories for oral storytelling. She finds that storytelling helps tune her writing.

Becky found her way to the Story Slam Dayton stage through a friend and just keeps slamming.

Becky’s story of her first stage ascent

Becky, the introvert, keeps slamming?

Interested in sharing a story at Dayton’s slam? Consider Becky’s story guidelines.


In her second decade of recovery since discovering a tendency to hover, Becky still finds the occasional need to curb the urge. Sharing her own stories, as well as experiences of anonymous readers, Becky explores the boundaries, offers confessions of overstep, and delivers empathy for those willing to admit their own hovering urges.


Becky adapted a version of the AA 12-step program for helicopter addicts (‘copter parents, snow plow parents, hovering friends and others). “I admit that I sometimes feel powerless over my urge to help my children, my in-law children, my grandchildren, my parents, my friends, and, let’s be brutally honest here, occasionally even complete strangers.”

 Join Becky in recovery.

Becky B Koop, Recovering Helicopter Mom, CopterDetox, Recovering Helicopter ParentRecovering over helper.
Curb the urge. Find the boundary. Ground yourself.