About Becky

Living in Ohio with my husband and the cherished reminders our two children left behind when they departed as adults, I craft personal essay, memoir and freelance non-fiction. A former college professor with a PhD in Information Systems, I sometimes show an obsessive academic’s weakness for research and find myself mired in studies of all kinds. Creativity studies are my siren’s call. Everyone is creative. Everyone.

I try to live green and there’s always another small step each of us can take. Even seemingly insignificant changes add up. Over two decades ago, I bought four dozen cotton napkins. Always rolled, never ironed, heavy 100% cotton, not quite square, the napkins are kept in a basket on the counter and are perfect for their purpose. You might find lose threads and a few holes, but OH! the memories in those marinara stains.

A decade ago, I purchased two dozen light weight cotton kitchen towels and reduced our consumption of paper towels to a single roll every six to eight months.

All single use plastics hang out in a bin in the back of our pantry. A switch to reusable glass containers with snap top lids means we haven’t bought a roll of plastic wrap or box of zip bags in nearly two years. 

(I could go on but will step away from what seems to be morphing into a lecture.)

I like to explore new places, ideas and cultures, and take every travel journey four times. First, in my mind while researching and planning. Second, enjoying the actual travel experience. Third, when journaling during the trip. And, fourth while sorting through photographs and journal entries to create a personal memoir of the trip.  If I grow too old to remember, I hope my children or grandchildren will read the travel memoirs to me. Some entries will make them smile, others may make them blush. All are true.

An introvert, I’m quite comfortable behind a camera. With deep optical zoom, I can observe from a distance and focus on details, I might otherwise miss. Looking at life through a camera’s eye helps me see better when writing, too.

I’m no photography guru, just a frequent snapper. Sometimes excessively so. During a 21-day adventure to Greece, Italy and Malta, the display fizzled on my camera after the first few days traveling. I kept snapping on the hope photos could be accessed. (Well before the promise of digital, I learned the art of photography using film. With the screen inoperable, the experience was similar, the feel of film without the space limitations of film.) I had no idea if the camera even captured a single shot until I returned home.

The broken camera recorded every single photo, a mere 3000 shots. Three below (village vegetable market in Turkey; locks of love in Santorini; prayer tokens from a Greek Orthodox church in Nafplion).

My husband patiently waits while I enjoy a moment and fulfill my photographic urges. I’m a lucky gal.

If you want to travel with me, I share some of my travel photos on social media. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram.