Meet Becky

Living in Dayton, Ohio, with her husband and the cherished reminders their two children left behind when they departed as adults, Becky spends her days in creative pursuits. Currently crafting personal essay, memoir and fiction. A former college professor with a PhD in Information Systems, she admits an obsessive academic’s weakness for creativity studies. Becky believes that everyone is creative if they give themselves the opportunity to be. She gives herself the opportunity to be creative, in some way, every day.

In addition to writing, Becky’s to do list includes a few publicly shareable aspirations – create and teach workshops on the pursuit of life long creative activity – experience zero gravity – find attractive and comfortable shoes that fit her 11DD feet – hunt seashells with her grandchildren – travel anywhere as opportunities arise

Becky doesn’t worry about what car she drives.  Though her current car is now a toddler, Becky drove the same minivan for 19 years. Previous to the minivan she drove a compact hatchback for 14 years. Why? “Because it just seems wasteful to get rid of a car that still works. And, really, think about the adventures you can enjoy with the money saved from having no car payment.”

She tries to live green. It’s not just cars. If you drop by for snacks or dinner, Becky will direct you to one of the dozens of cloth napkins she bought for her family 15 years ago.  Heavy 100% cotton, not quite square, never ironed, the napkins are always rolled and kept in a basket on the counter. “Oh, the memories in those marinara stains!”

Becky likes to explore – across town, the country, or the world – new places, ideas and cultures.  Becky takes every travel journey 4 times. First, in her mind while researching and planning. Second, during the actual travel experiences. Third, while journaling  during the trip. And, fourth while sorting through photographs and journal entries to create a personal memoir book of the trip.  If she grows too old to remember, Becky hopes her children or grandchildren will read the travel memoirs to her. “Some entries will make them smile, others may make them blush. All are true.”

An introvert, she is often found behind a camera. Becky loves deep optical zoom. “A camera helps me focus on details, I might otherwise miss.” Looking at life as though it’s through a camera’s eye helps her “see better when writing, too.”

Becky took over 3000 photos with her 20X optical zoom, compact digital camera during her 21-day adventure to Greece, Italy and Malta. The camera’s display fizzled after the first few days traveling — yes, that means her camera was broken and all shots were unable to be accessed and viewed. So, Becky took over 2,500 photos on the hope of accessing them when she returned. “It was freeing not to check and make sure I had the shot. Almost the feel of film, without space limitations.”

Becky’s husband patiently waits while she both enjoys a moment, then fulfills her photographic urges. If you want to travel through her eyes, Becky and her husband share .001% of their travel photos, look for Becks ‘n Will @BearEndsCoupe

When invited to attend a wedding in Malta, Becky was embarrassed that she had to pull out her maps to find its geographic location. That broken camera from the trip recorded every photo, three below (village vegetable market in Turkey; locks of love in Santorini; prayer tokens hung at Greek Orthodox church in Nafplion).

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.  – St. Augustine